About the Dinner

On a beautiful afternoon in November of 2014, while sitting in his favorite tree stand, one of the guys from from the men's small group began to feel guilty for hunting. Since he was self-employed, it probably meant he ought to be working. However, even his guilt could not pull him off that pinch point down in the creek bottom. It was the peak of the whitetail rut! He said to the Lord, "Lord, You created me with this desire to hunt. How can I use it for Your glory?" Within seconds the thought of having a game dinner rushed into his mind.

Then and there the vision of the Sportsman's Dinner was born. Annually, Grace Community Church hosts this event as an outreach. We have seen hundreds of souls saved and recommitted to Christ and have presented the gospel of Christ to over 2,000 people through this event! To God be the glory!

This event takes place at Alporon Park at one of the exhibit halls near the beginning of March. The event includes a dinner, a message from the speaker and a chance to win a prize from a selection of over 70 different prizes. Past speakers include Brodie Swisher, Andy Peterson, Jeff Danker and Bud Fisher.